Credit Card Orders
You can place your order direclty with us by calling
1.800.409.8971. We accept all major credit cards.

PayPal Account
To order online you will need a PayPal account. You can create one on your own or wait for PayPal to prompt you to create an account as you complete the ordering process. Please note: If PayPal is doing maintenance to their Web site you will not be able to place online orders at that time. If PayPal is down or you would like to order items from us without a PayPal account, simply call us at 1.800.409.8971 or email us at customerservice@judaicabydesign.com.

Ordering Online
When you add an item to your cart, you will be taken to the PayPal Shopping Cart at PayPal's Web site. If you would like to continue shopping, simply hit your back button until you have returned to our Web site. As you add more items, PayPal will automatically update your shopping cart. To purchase more than one of an item, you will need to enter this numeric amount into the PayPal Shopping Cart quantity (Qty) text field and click the Update Cart button.

Judaica By Design is dedicated to personalizing, customizing, and satisfying our customers' needs. For your convenience you will find several options available on any one item. These may include fabric choices, embroidery design options, and personalized text such as names, dates, and messages. However, we invite you to contact us if you prefer an alternative or addition. Simply call us at 1.800.409.8971 or email us at made-to-order@judaicabydesign.com.

Pop-up Windows
This Web site uses pop-up windows to provide you with additional product imagery. If you have pop-up blocking software on your computer, it will need to be disabled so that you may benefit from all of our site's features.

Bulk Orders
Due to the various elements involved in bulk orders, we are not able to provide you with the ability to purchase bulk online. For bulk orders, please call us at 1.800.409.8971 or email us at made-to-order@judaicabydesign.com.

• Most of our items are made by hand, as is the nature of customized and personalized gifts. For this reason, it is difficult for us to fill orders that could potentially be returned. However, if a product is flawed you will be offered a full refund or exchange.
• Made to order items undergo a cautious approval system to prevent the need for returns. Yet, mistakes can happen, in which case you will be offered a full refund or exchange.

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